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George Cobb

President / Program Manager

Mr. Cobb currently serves as President and Program Manager for AirSource Technologies, Inc. In this capacity George routinely serves as Project Manager for major RCRA and CPT Trial Burn programs associated with hazardous waste incineration in cement kilns and chemical manufacturing waste disposal. He has directed some twenty trial burn projects typically managing Test Plan preparations, site coordination, analytical support services, report preparations and Quality Assurance review.

George has 35 years of experience in air pollution measurements with emphasis on source sampling. Prior to joining AirSource in 1990, George enjoyed a seventeen-year association with the Midwest Research Institute, where he was a key participant in dozens of other trial burn programs at various hazardous waste incineration facilities. George also was instrumental in a study to determine safe disposal of pesticides and herbicides by incineration and has investigated the destruction efficiency of microorganisms by
incineration techniques.

He was directly involved in the development and evaluation of various sampling trains and methods, and was actively involved in the development of the volatile organic sampling train (VOST) under contract to the EPA.

George has extensive experience with most EPA test methods and has special expertise in determination and speciation of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds including dioxin/furan compounds, as well as particle size distribution studies.

George received a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Biology in 1973 and an M.B.A. in 1980.

dan bar Daniel Soderberg dar bar right

Vice President / Projects Manager

Mr. Soderberg has either directed or participated in dozens of source sampling projects, including numerous RCRA Trial Burns, over the past 20 years. After many years with Midwest Research Institute, Daniel joined the AirSource Technologies, Inc. ownership group in 1995.

Daniel’s multifaceted background, elaborated below, has provided AirSource Technologies with the ability to tackle highly complex projects with confidence. His strengths in computer sciences and design engineering, coupled with his extensive analytical laboratory background, combine to qualify him for managing the most challenging of source testing scenarios. Daniel is experienced with the full range of EPA source sampling methods. He has directed programs in conjunction with EPA-EMTIC involving innovative test designs for evaluation of non-typical emission sources. He is also experienced with CEM instrumentation and extractive FTIR techniques. He oversees instrument maintenance, repair, and design and directs our staff in adherence to calibration procedures specified in the EPA Quality Assurance Handbook.

In addition, he is continually involved in automating AirSource’s data management system, and is overseeing a variety of expansion and redesign efforts within our testing facilities.

Pete Liebl

Project Manager / CEM Specialist / Operations Manager / IT Specialist

Mr. Liebl has been a Project Manager with AirSource Technologies, Inc. for 15 years, and is a member of the company’s ownership group. He specializes in operating Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) systems, and has performed emission testing and CEM certifications for a variety of industries regulated under BIF rules and CFR Parts 75 and 60. Additionally, Pete functions as Project Manager for many other types of testing projects undertaken by AirSource. He has played a key role in the conduct of many BIF/RCRA Trial Burn, Risk Burn, and Comprehensive Performance Test programs.

Pete graduated from the University of Kansas in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree
in Physics. His strong technical background is essential in the operation and maintenance of today’s continuous monitoring equipment. Pete is skilled in instrumentation systems, electronics, physical measurements and computer programming (including Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran and Assembly language) and personally designed AirSource’s mobile CEM system and software. He is often able to troubleshoot and effect repairs in the field to both our own instrumentation as well as our client’s.

Pete is also responsible for the organization and maintenance of AirSource’s computer hardware, software, and local area network systems. He has developed new isokinetic sampling software and automated CEM data acquisition software for efficient integration of data into the company’s data management system.

His expertise with gas turbines, steam generators, hazardous waste and medical waste incineration, cement and lime manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, fiberglass manufacturing, and printing operations is diverse and extensive.












































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