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CFR 40, Part 60, Method 20 — Determination of Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxide, and Diluent Emissions from Stationary Gas Turbines


CFR 40, Part 75, Subpart C, Appendix A, Appendix B —Continuous Emission Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Requirements, Power Plant Relative Accuracy Programs


Volumetric Flow Studies — Independent verification of the accuracy of plant flow measurement equipment or engineering assumptions


CEM Methods Practiced


CFR 40, Part 60, Methods 2F, 2G, and 2H — Special expertise with these recently adopted methods designed to more accurately measure large stack, high volumetric flow rates without penalizing the plant with overstated assumptions inherent in Method 2 techniques


CFR 40, Part 60, Appendix B — Performance Specifications for continuous emission monitoring systems: Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7


CFR 40, Part 75, Subpart C, Appendix A, Appendix B — Continuous Emission Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Requirements


CFR 40, Part 266, Appendix IX, Section 2 —Boiler and Industrial Furnace (BIF) Performance Specifications For CEM Systems

CEM Systems


In order to provide the most comprehensive array of services to our clients, AirSource Technologies, Inc. has equipped four mobile field trailers with modern instrumentation and ancillary equipment to perform various onsite measurements. Our Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) systems are well suited for either providing continuous evaluation of an emission source, or for conducting certification testing of our client’s CEM systems. AirSource Technologies’ CEM systems consist of three subsystems:


1. The analytical system

2. The sampling and conditioning system

3. The data acquisition system


The analytical system typically includes the following major components.


Parameter  Detection Principle Make and Model Resolution
O2 Magneto Pneumatic Horiba CMA-331 .01 %
CO2 Non-Dispersive Infra Red Horiba CMA-331 .01 %
CO Non-Dispersive Infra Red Horiba CMA-331 1 ppm
NOx  Chemiluminescence Horiba CLA-311 1 ppm
SO2  Non-Dispersive Infra Red Western Research 721AT2 1 ppm
THC (VOC) Heated Flame Ionization Detector California Analytical HFID 300 1 ppm


The sampling and conditioning component provides general protection to the analytical system by controlling environmental variables such as moisture and particulate matter, thus insuring proper operation of the instrumentation. This system is capable of testing in the harshest industrial environments.


AirSource Technologies’ data acquisition system provides "real time" data calculations specific to client requested formats.


Our capabilities include:



Logging of up to 16 channels simultaneously


Correction of emissions to 7%/15% O2 or 12% CO2 reporting bases


Real time calculation of emissions (g/hr, ppm, lb/hr, lb/mbtu)


Rolling hourly average of emissions for BIF and RCRA incinerators


We are also capable of providing redundant instrumentation for simultaneous measurements such as inlet/outlet testing for establishing Destruction Removal Efficiency (D.R.E.).


All components of AirSource Technologies’ CEM system conform to EPA guidelines.



Additional Continuous Emission Monitoring Capabilities

Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) Studies

Relative Accuracy Testing (CEMS & PEMS)

Calibration Error/Calibration Gas Audits

Predictive Emission Monitoring System (PEMS) Validation

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