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Key Personnel
James Surman

Project Coordinator

Jim came to AirSource after fifteen years at the Midwest Research Institute where he functioned as a Senior Environmental Scientist responsible for managing and conducting assigned emission measurement tasks. Jim brought a wealth of experience with him to AirSource, including the preparation of proposals, project budgets, work plans, site-specific test plans, quality assurance project plans, and final reports. He evaluated test plans prepared by other contractors for projects to determine the performance of hazardous waste incinerators, municipal waste combustors, and other processes that affect air quality. Jim performed the hands-on preparation and execution of pretest site surveys and emissions sampling and monitoring tasks. He worked with clients in assessing test requirements for regulatory compliance, test protocols for their testing activities, and procedures for implementing emission reduction demonstrations.

Previously, Jim participated in U.S. EPA-sponsored work assignments that involved emission standards development and project-specific quality assurance. Skilled in stationary source testing, continuous emission monitoring, and related quality assurance procedures

Jimís role with AirSource is to coordinate the efficient preparation for and conduct of field measurement projects. He is focused on uniformity of equipment and procedural considerations to assure that, every time AirSource embarks on a test project, all the mechanisms are in place for the effort to be conducted successfully and efficiency.

Dr. George Scheil

Quality Assurance

Dr. Scheil works with our Project Management staff in devising test plans for particularly challenging source-testing applications, and in related equipment design, computer software tailoring, and method interpretation areas.

He routinely provides Quality Assurance services in conjunction with technically complex test programs and report preparations, especially wherein analytical laboratory data review, compilation and QC is critical.

George also provides consulting services to our clientele in various areas of environmental sampling and analysis, with special emphasis in method development, continuous emission monitoring, and custom computer programming.


George joined AirSource following his departure from Midwest Research Institute (MRI) after twenty-two years of service. His last position with MRI was Principal Chemist, Environmental Engineering and Technology Dept.

While with MRI, George was a Project Leader for many field research programs involving volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, dioxin/furan compounds, and CEM measurement of source, fugitive, and ambient emissions. He was involved in the development and evaluation of the Volatile Organic Sampling Train (VOST) reference method under EPA sponsorship. He is also a recognized authority in portable FTIR instrumentation.


Dr. Scheil obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from Iowa State University and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from University of Alberta.


Finnegan Schall


Sr. Environmental Scientist/Project Manager

Mr. Schall has been a Project Manager with AirSource Technologies, Inc. for several years, and is a member of the companyís senior environmental scientist group. While he currently operates largely in the capacity of Project Manager, overseeing the planning and performance of the entire testing process, he is also comfortable and experienced in all the individual field-testing areas.


As a Project Manager he has successfully overseen scenarios involving everything from Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) systems to most of the major Isokinetic methods and combinations of both. His project management experience includes emission testing and CEM certifications for a variety of industries regulated under BIF rules and CFR Parts 75 and 60, as well as the conduct of many BIF/RCRA Trial Burn, Risk Burn, and Comprehensive Performance Test programs


Mr. Schall graduated from the University of Kansas in 1992 in Physics. His strong technical background is essential in the operation and maintenance of todayís continuous monitoring equipment.


He is a Visible Emission specialist certified by EPA and various States to perform Method 9 and Method 22 opacity determinations.


Robert Phillips


Environmental Scientist

Since joining AirSource in 1997, Robert has developed extensive expertise in source emission testing. Robert has particular expertise in mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and is especially talented at managing stack logistical challenges and special equipment fabrication.


Dr. Bob Soderberg


Equipment Maintenance and Calibration Specialist

Dr. Soderberg earned a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Omaha University and completed M.S. and Ph.D. studies at the University of Kansas. Following many years of Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs, and Laboratory Management work in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and analytical laboratory fields, he joined AirSource in 1996.


He is responsible for maintaining, repairing, and upgrading field-testing equipment for all pre-test and post-test calibration activities.


Joy McCann


Laboratory Specialist

Prior to joining AirSource in 2000, Joy spent nearly 24 years working with an independent, not-for-profit scientific research organization. Joy specializes in both field and headquarters laboratory support services. Joy has been involved with numerous major field test projects such as Trial Burn, Risk Assessment Burn and Comprehensive Performance Test programs.


Joy earned a B.S. in Horticulture from Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, Missouri.







































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